Contemporay embroidery in rayon, cotton and crochet threads by textile artist Jenni Cadman


Creating embroideries is often an intense, meticulous and meditative process. Some pieces are freely stitched in delicate and fluid lines, others are constructed of individual stitches that are solidly and vigorously stitched or combined with fabrics to form rich painterly surfaces. 

Using my well-honed skills in free-machine embroidery, a technique whereby the needle is 'free' to draw as if on paper, I am essentially painting and drawing with thread.

I have three sewing machines - a 1975 Bernina 830 Record, a 1991 Janome Combi DX plus an Industrial Bernina 950. 

I stitch from both sides of my work; stitching 'blind' from the back of the work allows me to use thicker hand embroidery and crochet threads (wound on the bobbin) and I can create more colours and textures this way. 

Presentation and framing

Smaller, glazed works are mounted on acid-free card with spacious borders.

Some pieces are framed in limed-effect ash mouldings and some have generous 4.5cm wide wooden frames.

All Deer Park Doodle embroideries are stretched under a wide acid free white card mount and framed under glass.

Please email me  if you would like me to send on example images of the embroideries as framed.

Hangings are affixed by heavy duty velcro on to wall mounted battens.

All sizes given are for the actual embroidery, not the overall size if framed. Prices include the additional mounts and frames.

Buying original work

To purchase an original embroidery please email me  stating the work you are interested in. 

Viewings of my work can be made by appointment.