This collection of work forms part of an ongoing project to celebrate and honour my brave Mother, Veronica, who died in November 2020 shortly after her 87th birthday.

Based on photographs from her archives, these monotypes and embroideries capture her likeness frozen in time, while others explore a more expressive and playful way of image making.

This project has become my way to deal with her death, a form of grieving. It is about love, loss, time and memories. The creative process of thinking, seeing and making has enabled me to become emotionally absorbed in her and her life.

While I print, or stitch, I become aware she is looking directly at me from the work. It is a two-way confrontation where I have been able to talk to her, out loud and internally. There is much to say.  Death is often about regret, or guilt, but on the whole the “conversations” are more

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