How much are your fees for Tuition and what duration are they?

For a 1:1 session the cost is £18 per hour. Or bring a friend for a 2:1 session, the cost is £12.50 per person per hour. On average most stay for the the minimum session which is 3 hours, but it's completely up to you how long you want it to be. You decide on the day.

What will I need to bring with me?

An Essential Equipment list is found on the bottom of my Workshops and Tuition page. However, I can supply everything you need including a sewing machine if necessary. Please bring a packed lunch if you are staying over the three hours.

What days are you running them on?

Monday to Wednesdays or I can do some Saturdays if a weekday is not an option for you.

How do I arrange Tuition with you?

Dates are arranged to mutually suit us both. Please contact me by email initially with some dates and any preferences if you have them.

I would prefer to learn in a group workshop. How can you help me?

Please email me to let me know you are interested and where you are based. If I have enough interested individuals then I can consider hiring a local venue. But only if I hear from you! Alternatively, if I am running a workshop locally or elsewhere I will pass the info on to you, but at present this is few and far between. 

What ability and experience of Free Machine Embroidery do I need?

Absolutely no experience necessary as long as you have experience of using a sewing machine. Complete beginners through to improvers and the more advanced.

What else can you help me with? 

if you have anything in particular such as a project, ideas or materials you wish to 'engage' with then I can work this in to suit. 
So whether you require extra tuition to aid your art and design studies or simply fresh ideas, new directions and inspiration please contact me.