At first I felt compelled to do this project because my Mother’s story needs to be heard. Why? Because, tragically, she ended her own life. She voluntarily stopped eating and drinking (VSED) - it took 21 excruciating days. I can’t forget her impatience to die.

My Mother was mentally alert but trapped in a failing body, going blind, depressed and with many debilitating health conditions. The only control she had left was to end her living nightmare by herself. Her bravery and determination deserves recognition and I’m hoping this project will help to do this.

It was through this experience with my Mother that I became aware of Dignity in Dying and their campaign to legalise assisted dying. They are seeking a change in the law, with the necessary safeguards, so that the terminally ill do not have to suffer at the end of life. Recent research shows that up to 650 terminally ill people take their own lives every year in the UK. 

This is a conversation that needs to be out in the open however disturbing a subject it is. We all live and die, but too many die in ways unimaginable, often alone and in pain.

Everyone deserves a dignified and peaceful death on their own terms, in their own time, surrounded by the love of their family and friends.

If you care about this issue please would you consider supporting Dignity in Dying and help their campaign to return the assisted dying debate to Parliament.